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  4. 1-800-fitness:

    fitblr with inspiration, motivation, food + tips!

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  5. "I have no control over what people think of me but I have 100% control of what I think of myself."
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  7. "I’ve found that growing up means being honest. About what I want. What I need. What I feel. Who I am."
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  10. run-fitn:

    Running is great if you want to shed fat.

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  11. I have SO much to do.


    I’m gonna nap.

  12. This stuff should be called chocolate crack and should be illegal. Once you have one piece you can’t stop eating it 🍪🍫😍


  13. one week until i go to the biggest loser ranch!!!

  14. #tbt to super Saturday 13. Can’t wait to be in the hamptons this weekend to shop and raise money for @ovariancancerresearchfund. A weekend full of family and raising money to find a cure for Ovarian Cancer (and of course a weekend away from work)!! P (at The Hamptons )

  15. Fifty Shades Of Grey - Trailer

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