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    Useful Banana Tip

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  5. How much Bertucci’s is too much Bertucci’s

    The club I’m in had our end of the year banquet at Bertucci’s. We had so much food and now I feel so sick. There was mushroom pizza, margarita pizza, eggplant parm, chicken broccoli Alfredo, salad and of course the best part THEIR AMAZING ROLLS!! We had so much extra we all took some home and can’t wait for cold mushroom pizza tomorrow!

    Probably shouldn’t be eating it but hey it’s free food and it has mushrooms on it so that makes it healthy right?!?

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    Honestly the only thing I want in a friendship.

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    I actually say this while at work….it happens a lot.

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  12. The clinic by Dr. H

    Hey guys,

    I need advise. Who has watched the biggest loser before? The doctor on the show, Dr. H has his own clinic in malibu california where people can go and get help with weight loss. its different than the show.

    I was wondering if any of you guys have heard about the program or the clinic… please!

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    ♡♡ active jungle blog ♡♡

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  14. couldn’t be prouder to live in the greatest city in the world

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